The Njamal People’s Trust was established in 2003 as a Charitable Trust for the Njamal people.

The Njamal People’s Trust supports the family groups of Allen, Ball, McPhee, Mack, Tinker, Corbett, Mallard, Monaghan, Geary, Little, Perry, Ngurrpangu Coppin, Williams, Putungaja, Eaton, Walters, Miller, Snook, Stewart, Mitchell, Taylor, Walker, Murphy, Jenkins, Rastus, Woodman, and McKenna.

Learn more about the Njamal People’s Trust organisational structure here.

Indigenous Services Pty Ltd is the Trustee of the Njamal People’s Trust, and is guided by a Trustee Advisory Committee representing each family group (read about the Trust Advisory Committee here).

The Trustees represent the interests of Njamal people and assist the community in priority areas including Native Title, Aboriginal Heritage, lore and culture, education and employment, business development, health, sport and crisis support (read more about our community support program here).