Policy Documents

Business Ethics Policy

Indigenous Services expects all its employees to uphold the highest standards of ethical behaviour and integrity. We believe that ethical and economic values are interdependent, and that the business community must always strive to operate within the accepted norms established by national and international authorities. Read the full Business Ethics Policy

Fitness for Work Policy

Indigenous Services is unreservedly Committed to preventing any harm to any person(s). Indigenous Services values each individual and recognizes that duty of care responsibilities and obligations are a reciprocal relationship between the company and its people. Read the full Fitness for Work Policy.

HRIR Policy

Indigenous Services continued success and business growth relies on the commitment, capabilities and productivity performance of our employees. This is achieved through our commitment to the “World Class” standard required in all our business activities. Read the full HRIR Policy.

Operational Policies

The company sets “World Class” as the standard for all business activities. This extends to the behaviour of all employees demanding they are fair and ethical in all their dealings internally and externally whilst conducting business. Employees receive excellent remuneration for performing their role and very fair conditions of employment. The company’s aim is to always be fair and just in enforcement of standards of conduct which affect all employees within the company. Read the full Operational Policy.

Quality Policies

Indigenous Services is committed to providing a timely cost-effective service to our customers. Read the full Quality Policy.

Rehabilitation and Injury Management Policy

Indigenous Services is committed to ensuring a timely and safe return to work for an injured employee. This includes the rehabilitation of the injured employee to duties for which they are capable and which are consistent with their pre-injury status. Read the full Rehabilitation and Injury Management Policy.

Health Safety Environment and Community (HSEC) Policy

Senior management is committed to providing and maintaining, as far as is practicable, a safe and healthy work environment, conducive to high morale and productivity. Employees at all levels in the organisation are expected to support management efforts. We care for the environment. We are committed to the efficient use of resources, reducing and preventing pollution, and developing recycling initiatives. We strive to be valued corporate citizens in the communities that we operate. We respect the values and cultural heritage of local people. Read the full Health Safety Environment and Community Policy.