Aboriginal Heritage surveyed near Pilgangoora

Njamal Heritage Services together with Heritage WA have completed a survey and detailed recording of potential Aboriginal sites near to the Pilbara Minerals Pilgangoora infrastructure areas and within the Njamal native title claim area.

These sites include grinding patches and an artefact scatter with associated grinding patches. Under Section 5 of the (AHA), three of four sites assessed are potentially Aboriginal sites. These sites offer good research potential to answer questions relating to the use of grinding patches.

Njamal Elder Harry Norman, shared his insights about the use of the grinding patches with the team; “Get the spinifex seed, pull it out, take it to the water, mix it up withwater, grind it up for damper.”

Further management of these sites has been informed by Njamal community views and reflect requirements under the AHA.


Njamal Elder Tony Taylor inspects a grinding patch. Image courtesy of Heritage WA.