A letter from the Chairman

As 2016 draws towards a close, the Njamal community can look back on a year of change.  Leaving Yamatji Malpa Aboriginal Corporation was a very significant step for the community.  Njamal people should be very proud of the many important decisions you have faced in recent months and the mature manner in which so many challenges have been tackled.

In spite of the move away from YMAC your native title claims and compensation agreements are progressing, heritage work has continued and, also significantly, you are about to embark on an unprecedented era of community businesses. Indigenous Services Pty Ltd is the Trustee of the Njamal People’s Trust.  As Trustees, we have worked hard to involve Njamal people in the management of the community benefits and the Trust. And we look forward to strengthening the relationship in the future.

The role of a Trustee is not well understood – but in a nutshell – as Trustee we are responsible for the Njamal People’s Trust but we are not the beneficial owner.  It is our overriding duty to obey the terms of the trust deed and to act in the best interests of the beneficiaries being the Njamal people. To put that in other words, by law, we are limited to managing your money with you and for your benefit.

Managing the Njamal People’s Trust and associated businesses is complex and requires enormous coordination.  At any point in time there is a significant amount of work being undertaken by Njamal people, professional advisers and support staff – not to mention all the businesses and government agencies that interact with Njamal on a daily basis.

Next year will bring more challenges.  But for now, congratulations, look back on the year and be proud of your achievements and also look toward a positive future.

Yours faithfully,

Rod Carter

Indigenous Services Pty Ltd
15 Bowman Street South Perth WA