Local heroes work on Roy Hill Bridge Project, valued at $18.66 million

Wesley Lockyer (njamal)-form worker, Leon Bamaga (ngurluma)-excavator operator, Brenden Taylor (Njamal)-Executive Chairperson, Jamie Watkins (karriyarra)- Moxy Operator, Ricky Watkins (karriyarra)- All Round Operator, John Bennel ( Ngoongarr )-roller operator, Derek Rivers (booneba)-roller operator.

Georgiou has been selected by Main Roads WA to deliver the Great Northern Highway – Roy Hill Bridge Project, valued at $18.66 million, with construction commencing earlier this month. This Roy Hill funded project is being delivered in partnership with Main Roads WA, who is managing the design, procurement and maintenance elements of the initiative.

The project involves the construction of a bridge over the Roy Hill rail line, with works to include a 95-metre-long reinforced concrete box culvert structure to improve drainage and reduce road closures due to flooding.

Six of our local Njamal boys are working as mobile plant operators on the project.

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