Njamal Policies and Guidelines

Documents relating to the Njamal People’s Trust Code of Conduct, Distribution Policy and Handbook can be found via the links below.

Njamal Code of Conduct

The Trust Advisory Committee have agreed upon a Code of Conduct, outlining what is expected from people associated with the Njamal People’s Trust, to ensure everyone is treated in a respectful manner.

Applications for financial assistance, or other support, may be suspended if behaviour is not as required by the code of conduct.

Click here for a copy of the Code of Conduct

Njamal People’s Trust Distribution Policy

The Njamal People’s Trust was established in 2003 as a perpetual Charitable Trust to assist the Njamal People who are the Primary Beneficiaries of the Trust.  Click here to download the Njamal People’s Trust Distribution Policy.

Njamal People’s Trust Guidelines

The Njamal People’s Trust Guidelines provides an outline of our organisation, membership, and programs.

Click here to download the Njamal People’s Trust Guidelines