Come to our Port Hedland Jobs Seminar!

We would like to extend an invitation to you and your families to attend our Jobs Seminar, to be held in Port Hedland on Friday 10th of November 2017.

This event will be a very good opportunity for to strengthen relationships between mining companies and the Aboriginal communities people who have heritage connections with these lands.

The sessions within our Jobs Seminar focus on eight topic areas, including: 

  • An introduction of the mining companies to our community – in particular to our Njamal youth;  
  • Methods to encourage Njamal community members to make their work readiness known, and how to enter the work force;
  • Advocating the benefits of employing Njamal youth or any indigenous youth; 
  • How to access information on any current or potential jobs opportunities;
  • Traineeship or apprenticeship opportunities; 
  • The availability of Scholarships;
  • Employment qualifications and experiences required, and why this is of high importance; and
  • Issues that can affect a person’s work readiness (for example, driver’s license status).

Download our Community Invitation Letter here.